Harmony Design Partners

Where Nature and Technology Unite

Experience Where It Counts

Leverage a combined 40+ years’ experience in land development, sustainable technologies and Green design- build.

Value Proposition

Designs that outperform conventional thinking and technologies.

Synergies & Science

Patrons and populace actively and passively contributing to eco-consciousness.

Economic Incentive

Enticing a myriad of interest, investment and philanthropy.

Footprint to Fingerprint

Reducing disruptive impacts on nature.

International Hotspot

An economic producing space that generates excitement at all levels.

No carbon was formed during this design!

Fueled by Nature. Powered by Change.

Our vision is to provide holistic, multi-tiered designs for a vast variety of eco-living environments and socio-economic needs and drivers. Our scalable formula is accomplished by our continuous efforts in research, development and application…and sharing…resulting in systematic integration of thoughts, practices and technologies that culminate in an eco-experience like no other.

Eco-Life for Life.


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